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There has been a struggle for the heart of man since the Garden of Eden. You are at the age where you have entered into the same war every human must face⁠—the choice between God and Satan, right and wrong, wisdom and foolishness. Solomon recognizes that even everyday tasks and problems can affect the path we take in this life. So, in his wisdom (and by the inspiration of God), he pens most of the book of Proverbs.

This workbook urges it's readers to put into practice the wisdom of God. Listen to your mother and father who love you, and, ultimately, listen to God who loves you more than anyone else and wants you to have a good life now and a home with Him when this life is over.

Written at a 9th grade level, contains 13 lessons, each with discussion questions

Contents include:

  • Studying Proverbs
  • Wisdom vs Folly
  • Parents and Their Children
  • Building Good Relationships
  • Money Manners
  • Spotting a Fool
  • Poverty and Wealth
  • Aware vs Impaired
  • Pride and Humility
  • A Worthy Woman
  • Authority
  • Seeing Jesus In Proverbs
  • Awe for God


This workbook is part of the Faith Builder Series, a 4-year course of study for middle school students. The series focuses on a survey of both the Old & New Testaments, becoming a Christian and living a faithful life.