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Leaders and Followers: In the Home, Church, and Business

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There are well over 15,000 books on the subject of leadership, but how many have been written about what makes a good follower? Leadership dominates our thinking while followership is largely ignored. But here’s the thing – you can’t talk intelligently about leadership without also talking about followers. This book brings the two roles together and charts new territory in understanding what makes effective leaders and engaged followers. Based on four decades of helping develop leaders at Motorola, UPS, McDonalds, State Farm Insurance, and T. Rowe Price, and his deep study of the Word of God, the author provides practical insights and usable tools to remove much of the mystery of what makes a good leader and follower. This is a must book for parents, elders, church members, and business leaders. In its pages you’ll discover the “crucial factor” of leadership and identify different types of followers and the five leadership styles needed to guide them. You’ll learn, from Christ’s example, how to become a “servant leader” and unlock the potential of followers. This book will make you a better leader and a better follower.