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Jesus Our Example: Book 1

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Jesus Our Example is the product of about three years of efforts in studying the gospels and examining the life of Jesus Christ. In this series of books, author Stephen Rogers focuses on Jesus' life and example - what He did, how He acted, and how He reacted, not what He taught.

Jesus is the sinner's Savior! He tells the sinner how to be saved. And His teaching is the ONLY guidance for salvation and fro true hope of heaven. He is the Christian's Lord! New Testament Scripture emphasizes the importance of His example. To the persecuted Christians of the first century, Peter and Paul pointed them to Christ.

In Jesus Our Example, it is the author's hope that these studies will lead you into wonderful insights into the heart of Jesus.


"He Was Determined To Please His Father"

"He Called A Spade A Spade When Dealing With Sinners"

"He Was Victorious Over Temptation"

"He Condoned And Attended Celebrations"

"He Was Willing To Be Imposed Upon To Help Others"

"He Despised The Desecration Of The Temple"

"He Refused To Practice Cultural Prejudices"

"He Always Sought to Turn Conversations Toward Spiritual Discussions"

"He Worshiped On The Sabbath"

"He Loved Fishing (For Men)"

"He Helped Those He Met Who Were In Need"

"He Did Good Even When He Knew He Would Be Criticized"

"His Care for Untouchables"