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Jesus: Model of Manhood

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Why is Jesus is the model for young men? This 13-chapter book shows how Jesus' life is relevant to young Christians as an example of what they should become.

Sewell Hall has long been concerned for the spiritual training of young people. In his early seventies, feeling his own inadequacy, he enlisted the help of others in beginning a summer Bible camp for young men with each day dedicated almost completely to Bible study and training in spiritual leadership. Now in his nineties, he is eager to leave something for future encouragement of young Christians. Already published is a book for young women entitled, "Mary, Model of Motherhood." Now this volume is being offered for young men. May God use it to encourage men, young or old, to follow the footprints of Jesus.


  1. His Life Goals
  2. His Heavenly Father
  3. His Increasing in Wisdom and Stature
  4. His Increasing Favor with God and Men
  5. His Temptations
  6. His Vocation
  7. His Synagogue Experience
  8. His Affiliations
  9. His Race
  10. His Prayers
  11. His Association with Women
  12. His Love
  13. His Cross and Crown
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