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James: The Case for Practical Christianity

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A study of the book of James may cause you to conclude, “How did he know?” Even though it was written in the first century, it is remarkable how timely and insightful and how practical and penetrating is his message to our century. Ultimately, his life-changing message will help you grow up in Christ.

Table of Contents

Chapter 1: The Case for Practical Christianity
Chapter 2: The Truth about Troubles
Chapter 3: The Truth about Temptation
Chapter 4: Behaving Like We Believe
Chapter 5: Playing Favorites
Chapter 6: Faith: It’s More Than Talk
Chapter 7: Tongue Troubles
Chapter 8: The Wise Versus the Unwise
Chapter 9: When Christians Quarrel
Chapter 10: The Problem of Playing God
Chapter 11: Warnings to the Wealthy
Chapter 12: Two Musts for Every Christian

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