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Collection Reflections: 53 Biblical Meditations to Motivate and Inspire Open Hearts and Open Hands

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God is so good. His grace abounds as our most cherished gift. With Him, our cup overflows. This same beneficent God calls us to be stewards and vessels of His goodness and grace both in the physical and spiritual realm. Yet sometimes our mindset is to keep, to hoard and to withhold. Doing so is just as dangerous to others as it would be if God had withheld His wonderful grace from us. Therefore, it is vital to cultivate a God-centered mindset when it comes to philanthropy and generosity as Christians. In a time of world economic crisis, this message is especially timely. The livelihood of individuals, families and churches may very well depend upon another’s superabundant grace in time of need.

This book has been written to help mold our mindset, both as individuals and churches. Rather than focus on just the duty of the church’s collection plate, this work intends to focus on carving God-pleasing hearts of generosity by taking concise looks at texts about gifts, tithes, offerings and giving.

Use this book as a weekly devotional to keep your mind grace-centered each week. Use it in your churches as weekly “Collection Reflections” from Scripture to motivate generous giving both privately and corporately. Twenty-six Old Testament passages and twenty-seven New Testament texts serve as the foundational basis for each article as we survey the consistency of this theme throughout the Biblical covenants.

Sit back and be amazed at how God constantly draws our attention to sacrificial giving, just as He has given to us. May hearts be stirred to give and souls in need of these gifts be touched by those who create a culture of love and lavish liberality.