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Christian Living Made Simple: You CAN LIVE it!

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Christian Living Made Simple is a sequel to The Gospel Made Simple. It is written for new Christians. Its purpose is to help new converts to become strong and stable. It is believed that fifty percent of those who are baptized become unfaithful. Those who study and ponder the truths of this book will most likely remain steadfast.

"One of the greatest concerns of new Christians is, 'Can I REALLY live the Christian life?' This is a legitimate fear that most Christians have felt. This book provides instruction to guide the child of God into immediate growth."

Powerful, proven, and effective material that emphasizes:

  • Grow In Faith And In Confidence!
  • The Living God Is MY God!
  • I Know That My Redeemer Lives!
  • Appreciating The Holy Spirit!
  • Be A Partaker Of The Divine Nature!
  • Beware Of Your Mortal Enemy!
  • Persevering Persecution
  • That Family Feeling
  • Christ In Your Home!
  • Clueless Or Cautious?
  • Honoring God In Your Worship
  • When Troubles Come
  • Teaching What You Have Learned
  • Growing And Bearing Fruit For The Lord

Hard Cover; 254 pages