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20 Pages a Week: Volume 2 - The Writings (Ezra-Song of Solomon)

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The Bible, in most editions, is about 1000 pages along. Over 50 weeks, that would amount to 20 pages per week - less than that, accounting for the full year. That can't be right. Just 20 pages a week? The math works!

"Read the Bible through this year." How many times have you made that resolution? Maybe you completed the task; maybe you did not. And even if you did, you quite likely did not have the feeling that you really grew in faith and knowledge.

Twenty Pages a Week is more than a Bible study regimen. It guides readers through the process, helping them appreciate what they are reading in the smaller and larger context. It introduces them to key characters along the way. It shows the story of Jesus played out over the centuries. It provides a forum for them to engage in the study with the help of other motivated readers. And perhaps most importantly of all, it provides the encouragement to stay on task and finish the course.

By using Twenty Pages a Week as a guide, you will find yourself with more knowledge of the word of God, more confidence in your use of it, and more eagerness to dig even deeper the next time you read the Bible.

  • 108 pages. Volume 2 covers Ezra to Song of Solomon
  • 8.5 x 11 Staple bound
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  • Available in eBook (PDF) format for individual and class use.
Format: Book