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Catholicism vs. The Bible

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The Bible expresses the fact that God is not a God of confusion, but of peace. Why then is there so much conflict and controversy among Bible believers about multiple beliefs and a growing number of churches established in our world today.

The Bible also confirms that God intended one body, one Lord, one faith, and one baptism. If spirituality means anything to us as believers, surely making a long-term spiritual commitment requires the satisfaction and confidence that we are governed by God’s authority and his direction and nothing else! 

Catholicism Vs The Bible provides facts and a stark contrast between the Catholic church, and the church that God instituted in the New Testament. Only following the divine pattern will allow us to glorify God and be humble servants in the church. 

About the Author:

Robert D. Hope grew up in the Catholic church and from a young child had questions and concerns that needed answers. Since his baptism into Christ, he has made it his passion to show the differences between what the Catholic church teaches and what the Bible says. Robert has preached the gospel, served as an elder, taught various Bible classes, and is a member of the Church of Christ. Robert and his wife Bonnie, have three daughters, and seven grandchildren. 

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