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Behind the Preacher's Door

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Warren Berkley edits this challenging call to personal purity for preachers and all Christians.

Topics covered include personal devotion, daily discipline, ethics, pornography, temptation to adultery, finances, relationships with other preachers, unity in the church, technology’s impact on the work, and the preacher as a husband. Authors include: Gary Henry, Mark Roberts, Jason Hardin, Edwin Crozier, David Banning, Frank Walton, Russ Bowman, Ken Weliever, Curtis Pope and Matthew Allen.


Praise for Behind the Preacher's Door:

Preaching the gospel is a God-given task to be undertaken by those men who have the knowledge and ability to communicate to the hearts of men the mind and will of God.

Preaching certainly needs to be biblically sound in its content and ably delivered.  But nothing is more critical to success in declaring this life-transforming message than the godly character of the one proclaiming it.  Preaching is not a profession but a function of being a disciple of Jesus.  The most important thing about those who preach is not that they are preachers but that they are devoted Christians.  That certainly is the ideal but there is no myth so widely held as the idea that those who spend their lives preaching the gospel are somehow insulated from the temptations that assault other disciples.  To the contrary it may be true to say that they are confronted by even more.  Behind the Preacher’s Door is a book that faces this reality squarely and candidly and offers both warning and wise counsel in meeting and overcoming the challenges with which preachers struggle.  This is a book that has been long needed and we commend Warren Berkley and his writers for their diligent work in producing it.  Preachers young and old will read it with great profit.

-- Paul Earnhart

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