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Pat Reeder

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Pat Reeder was 12 years old when she was baptized into Christ and became a Christian. Her father was a preacher for the church of Christ and her mother was a devoted housewife, Clarence F. & Wanda Rice. They were both talented writers and published the books “Fascinating Puzzle Books”. She was also blessed to have grandparents who diligently served the Lord.

All her life she has lived in Ohio or West Virginia in the Ohio Valley, until 2013 when she moved to Dayton, Ohio where she worships and works with the Cornerstone church of Christ.

She raised 3 children who now have families of their own, each of whom work for the Lord’s church at their local congregations. At the present she has 9 grand-children and 1 great-granddaughter. One of her famous phrases is “Busy, Blessed, and Loving It”.

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    Searching God's Word: Teaching Kids How to Navigate Through Their Bible

    Spiritbuilding Publishers
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    This book is designed to help children learn how to use their Bibles. Pat Reeder has taught children’s Bible classes for over 40 years and one thin...

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