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Michelle Thompson

Michelle Thompson Headshot

Michelle Thompson is a wife, mother, and grandmother, but more importantly, she is a lover of God and a serious Bible student.

Professionally, she has worked for an organization for the past 25 years that provides therapy for children with various behavioral, social, and learning challenges. She trains and supports parents as they work to improve the lives of their children. 

For the past forty years, she has designed and taught Bible class material for children of all ages, as well as new-convert studies and women’s studies. For almost twenty years, she has conducted an on-going Bible study in her home for young mothers, helping them to raise godly children in an increasingly godless world. Her Bible knowledge and her professional expertise often work together to provide effective, godly direction for these young women.

Michelle lives in the North Dallas area with her husband, Jeff.  Her two sons and their families live close by and they all worship together.

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