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Christians in the Culture: Pursuing Jesus in the 21st Century Western World

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Our culture is largely losing faith in Christ. 

Across the western world, every sign indicates that Christianity is on a steep decline. Church membership is in a free-fall, with more and more people adopting secular or non-Christian ideals. Day by day, the values we used to take for granted are being met with hostility. Like never before in the history of this nation, it feels like Christianity is under attack. 

The new reality we’re experiencing can make us anxious. Should we despair at the ‘bleak future?’ 

Not at all. The times that seem dim have always been when the people of God shine the brightest. Christians in the Culture has been written to equip you on how to confront the mounting issues that press against us. It covers the issues of politics, identity, science, family, and our role as the church in society. Although times of difficulty may be ahead, we can move forward in faith trusting that Jesus will be by our side as we share our faith with others. We can live up to the high calling of Christianity: to be blameless and pure, children of God who are faultless in a crooked and perverted generation, among whom you shine like stars in the world by holding firm to the word of life, Philippians 2.15-16a.

“The early Christians did not say in dismay, ‘look what the world has come to,’ but in delight, ‘look what has come into the world!’” 

— E. Stanley Jones

Christians in the Culture is the product of the 2021 Summer Series held at Cornerstone Church of Christ in Centerville, OH. Videos and presentation files can be found at

Lessons were presented by: Matthew Allen; Mitch Stevens; Keith Stonehart; Ken Weliever; Clay Gentry; Todd Chandler; Roger Shouse; Max Dawson; Reuben Prevost; Buddy Payne; Art Adams; Shane Scott; Andrew Roberts; and Don Truex. 

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