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Intro to Christian Evidences - Ferrel Jenkins

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Introduction to Christian Evidences by Ferrell Jenkins, Retired Chair of Biblical Studies, Florida College

1. Proposition and Methodology
2. The Christian as an Apologist
3. The Divided Field of Knowledge
Part One: Theism - Evidence for the Existence of God
4. Is It Possible to Know God?
5. The Way God Has Revealed Himself
6. Introduction to Theism
7. The Origin of Matter
8. Evolution and Special Creation
9. Evolution at Variance With the Bible
10. Evidences for the Existence of God
11. The Beliefs of Atheism
Part Two: The Bible - The Evidence of the Book Itself
12. The Unity of the Bible
13. The Bible - Its Profound and Rational Doctrine
14. The Inspiration of the Bible
15. The Purity of Bible Ethics
16. Situation Ethics
17. Archaeology and the Bible
18. Agreement of Book and Land
19. From Ancient Manuscripts to Modern Versions
Part Three: Prophecy and Its Fulfillment
20. Introduction to Fulfilled Prophecy
21. Balaam’s Prophecy Concerning Israel
22. The Documentary Hypothesis
23. Israel in Prophecy
24. Egypt in Prophecy
25. Nineveh in Prophecy
26. Babylon in Prophecy
27. Tyre in Prophecy
28. Messianic Prophecies
Part Four: Jesus Christ - the Man
29. Jesus Christ - "Who Do You Say That I Am?"
30. Jesus Christ - The Universal Character
31. Form Criticism and the Jesus Seminar
32. Early References to Jesus Outside the New Testament
33. Jesus and Miracles
34. Are the New Testament Documents Historically Trustworthy?
Part Five: Jesus Christ - His Resurrection
35. "If Christ Has Not Been Raised"
36. His Resurrection - the Witnesses
37. The Witness of Monuments
38. The Empty Tomb
39. Argument From the Conversion of Saul