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Stirring Silent Generations: Awakening the Titus 2 Woman in You

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Unlock the transformative power of faith with "Stirring Silent Generations". This insightful and inspiring book, penned by Dana Burk, is an invitation for younger women to imitate Christ and a guide for older women to become mentors in this spiritual journey.

Key Features:

  • Practical and inspirational guidance based on Biblical teachings
  • Encourages intergenerational mentoring within the Christian community
  • Provides a roadmap for younger women to navigate their spiritual journey
  • Inspires older women to become mentors and pass down faith-filled wisdom
  • Ideal for individual study or small group discussions


In Titus 2:1-5, the Apostle Paul admonishes his young protégé, Titus, to “speak the things which are proper for sound doctrine” and, further instructs Older women in the church to “teach the younger women”.  In her book, Stirring Silent Generations, Dana Burk explores the implications these instructions, given to Titus, by the Holy Spirit, have on the lives of women in the modern church of today. 

There are a number of controversial subjects addressed in these few short verses, and it’s the author’s hope that, through this study, we come to understand what God’s expectations are for the 21st century woman.  She poses questions such as:  Can we over-emphasis the importance of taking seriously each word our Lord has recorded for us?  Can we be “too” careful about obeying His commands?  Can we afford to carelessly neglect His instructions?

Dana suggests that there often exits, among the women in the church, what she calls “Silent Generations”:  a generation that has not been teaching and a generation that has not been listening.  Her goal is to awaken that deep inner desire that Jehovah has placed in each of us to seek Him and His wishes, thus transforming each individual life—so we become women that glorify God……that older women might be teaching and that younger women might be learning in order that they may be teachers to future generations.

Join her on this journey of awakening the Titus 2 woman that lies in each of us. Explore the path to a more Christ-like life with "Stirring Silent Generations". Order your copy today!

About Dana Burk...

Dana Burk has a long history of faithful service to the Lord. She has worked for decades alongside her husband, Tol, as he has spread the gospel here in the states, throughout the Caribbean and Central and South America. She is the author of the study book I Will Not Be Lukewarm and a contributing writer for the book Behind Every Good Man. She is a seasoned teacher, speaker and encourager with a knack for both candor and compassion that has touched numerous lives here and abroad.

Dana presently resides in Springfield, TN where Tol labors with a local congregation as evangelist. She is the mother of three faithful Christians, proud grandmother of seven and in her spare time, she loves to sew, craft, and spend time with her much loved Standard Poodles, Sadie and Pepper.

Book Information

  • 175 pages in full color
  • Your favorite eBook format also available (ePub & PDF)
  • Perfect for ladies' studies, small group, or individual study!


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