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Where is God When I Hurt? Confronting Hardships and Finding Hope


“Life is hard and some days it gets harder.” It’s true. Helping friends find their way through the maze of life’s trials can be difficult. Even more difficult is when we find ourselves lost in the same maze. Fortunately, the Scriptures can lift us from heartache to hope.

Table of Contents

Chapter 1: Why?

Chapter 2: Finding Hope in the Midst of Hurt

Chapter 3: Facing Life with Faith (Part 1)

Chapter 4: Facing Life with Faith (Part 2)

Chapter 5: “Lord, Do You Not Care?”

Chapter 6: Searching for Sense in Tragedy

Chapter 7: In God We Trust (Part 1)

Chapter 8: In God We Trust (Part 2)

Chapter 9: Good Grief—What’s Good About It?

Chapter 10: The Secret Hurt of Domestic Violence

Chapter 11: Getting “Unstuck” and Moving On

Chapter 12: Discovering Hope for Tomorrow