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God's Amazing Grace: The Sweetest Sound of All


Have you ever been broken or betrayed? Have you ever been afraid to open the closet door because of the skeletons hiding there? Have you ever wondered if God could love someone like you? Well, wonder no more. He did and He does. It’s called “grace.” And it is truly amazing…

Table of Contents

Chapter 1: Grace—Why It’s So Amazing
Chapter 2: Grace—Breakfast with Jesus
Chapter 3: Grace—The Question
Chapter 4: Grace—No I Can’t, Yes God Can
Chapter 5: Grace—Scandalous!
Chapter 6: Grace—A Crook on a Cross
Chapter 7: Grace—All Things Are Ready
Chapter 8: Grace—The Rest of the Story
Chapter 9: Grace—God Calling the Prodigal (Part 1)
Chapter 10: Grace—God Calling the Prodigal (Part 2)
Chapter 11: Grace—God Calling the Prodigal (Part 3)
Chapter 12: Grace—God Calling the Prodigal (Part 4)