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Angie Kmitta & Cindy DeBerry

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Cindy is a longtime preacher and elder's wife. This has given her opportunities to teach Bible classes for many decades. She has been involved with many situations that involved working with different generations. Within her own household she is blessed to have had nine daughters (and one son) plus her mother and mother-in-law and her husband's aged aunt. This has led to many multigenerational opportunities which help all accomplish more for the Lord. She has also witnessed generation gaps at times and thought we would all benefit from looking into God's word to learn what we can from previous generations working together or tearing apart.

Angela is the mother of two daughters (and three sons). She has been teaching Bible classes for the past thirty years. She has written articles for women's publications and taught toddlers through adult women. She has worked with generations above and below and realized that all can benefit from examining the scriptures to see how we should work together for the cause of Christ.

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    Bridges or Barriers: Sisters coming together to become the daughters their father wishes them to be.

    Spiritbuilding Publishers
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    BRIDGES OR BARRIERS by Cindy DeBerry and her daughter Angela Kmitta focuses on both the harmony that can exist between sisters and the enmity, with...

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    Original price $5.99 - Original price $99.99
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    $5.99 - $99.99
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