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We're Excited About Chad Sychtysz's New Book

We're Excited About Chad Sychtysz's New Book

In a world where "Christianity" has often deviated from its true essence, it is crucial to revisit the foundations of our faith. Chad Sychtysz's new book, "The New Testament Pattern: God's Blueprint for Christians and Their Churches," boldly challenges the prevailing norms and offers a clarion call to return to the original design prescribed by Christ. With 209 pages of insightful content, this softcover book, perfectly bound, unveils the importance of aligning our beliefs and practices with the teachings of the New Testament.

Recognizing the Appalling State of Contemporary Christianity:
Sychtysz begins by acknowledging the alarming state of what is often called "Christian religion" in our modern era. He points out the discrepancy between the title of Christ as "Lord" and the failure to heed His teachings. Many churches claim to uphold the authority of the Bible, yet they promote teachings that contradict its very essence. Instead of honoring divinely revealed truth, "Christianity" has become more about satisfying human expectations.

The Need for Christ-Centered Obedience:
True believers understand that honoring Christ as the head of His church requires complete obedience to His instructions. Sychtysz emphasizes that one cannot simultaneously follow personal desires while claiming allegiance to Christ. Any form of resistance against Christ is, at its core, a manifestation of unbelief, regardless of who perpetuates it.

Returning to the New Testament Pattern:
To rectify religious errors and realign our lives and churches with God's intended design, Sychtysz proposes a simple and achievable solution: a return to the New Testament pattern. This pattern serves as a guide for how Christians are made, how they should live, and how they ought to function collectively. Contrary to popular belief, understanding and implementing this pattern does not require extensive theological training. All one needs is an open Bible, an open heart, and a sincere desire to learn and apply God's Word within its proper context.

"The New Testament Pattern: God's Blueprint for Christians and Their Churches" by Chad Sychtysz is a timely and thought-provoking book that challenges the status quo of contemporary Christianity. With its 209 pages, softcover format, and perfect binding, it is a valuable resource for individuals and churches seeking to realign their beliefs and practices with the original design established by Christ. By returning to the New Testament pattern, we can reclaim the essence of our faith, honor Christ as Lord, and live in accordance with God's divine truth. Let this book serve as a guide on your journey to rediscover God's blueprint for your life and the collective body of believers.

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