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Welcome to the New Spiritbuilding!

Welcome to the New Spiritbuilding!

After 18 years of existence, the assets of Spiritbuilding Publishing have been sold to Spiritbuilding Publishers LLC of Waynesville, OH. We want to thank Carl & Lorna McMurray who did such a great job establishing and building Spiritbuilding from the ground up. Over that time, a team of almost 30 writers have produced over 140 different books, workbooks, and tracts. All this work has impacted Christians around the world. For the difference this has made in the kingdom, we are truly thankful.

Matthew And Becky AllenOn January 1, 2020 my wife Becky & I began the new Spiritbuilding. We're excited! We have long been admirers of the mission of Spiritbuilding and want to continue that as we move forward. Over the years I wrote a number of workbooks, books, and tracts and Becky's writing was featured inside one of the books published by Spiritbuilding a few years back. So as we begin this new endeavor, we have a basic understanding of what it takes to put together and publish a book, but there are many many new things about this business we'll be discovering as the weeks go by. 

We are currently in the process of reaching out to all the authors who have worked with Spiritbuilding in the past with hopes of their producing new material and even updating some of their existing work. We are also looking for new authors who will want to be a part of the Spiritbuilding team. 

While we view ourselves primarily as a producer of scriptural, carefully sourced, and encouraging Bible material, we also understand the importance of getting these materials to market. We not only expect to continue the long established relationships we have with Christian bookstores, but we intend to seek new stores and venues to offer our products. We want to have a strong online presence with a modern, clean, and easy-to-use website. We also intend to keep high visibility through email and social media.

We're excited to have you with us! Thanks for visiting our new online store! And, don't hesitate to reach out to us when you need assistance with one of our products or something on the website.

God bless,

Matthew & Becky Allen
Owners, Spiritbuilding Publishers

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Joseph W Muturi - January 20, 2020

Thanks for good Lords work you have continued working for, very resourceful to many.

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