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Spiritbuilding Purchases Courageous Living Books

Spiritbuilding Purchases Courageous Living Books

Spiritbuilding Publishers is proud to announce its acquisition of Courageous Living Books. Starting in 2010, Wilson Adams set out to create a series of uplifting and scripturally based adult workbooks that had a consistent look and feel. Over the last 11 years the Courageous Living Series has expanded from a handful of workbooks to now over 30! This Bible class material is currently in use by congregations all over the United States … and beyond! We are also happy to become the publishers of two excellent workbooks by Weldon Warnock and a ladies study book by Julie Adams. All of these excellent publications will benefit Christians for generations to come.

We are excited to bring all of this into our already expansive offering of Bible class books and workbooks. After the purchase is completed, Spiritbuilding will become one of the largest suppliers of adult Bible class materials among the churches of Christ.

The transfer of ownership will be completed on February 2, 2021 and all inventories will be moved to our location in Waynesville, Ohio. Courageous Living will stop processing orders after January 22, 2021. After that you can order Courageous Living material through Spiritbuilding. Orders can be placed by:

Please note that we cannot ship the Courageous Living part of any order we receive until February 5, 2021. This will allow us to take inventory after it arrives and get our products in place and ready for sale.

Spiritbuilding Publishers is located in the Dayton/Cincinnati area of southwest Ohio and owned by Matthew and Becky Allen. Matthew serves as one of the ministers for Cornerstone Church of Christ in Centerville, Ohio. Becky works as our office manager and processes our orders. The Allen’s purchased the company at the end of 2019. Spiritbuilding offers a wide selection of books and workbooks for adult classes, ladies studies, young adult, small groups, and teen studies. You can learn more at

We look forward to serving you. May God bless your spiritual growth!

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