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Introducing the Personal Study Series

Introducing the Personal Study Series

Navigating the depths of the New Testament can often feel daunting between understanding its historical context and applying its wisdom and instruction to our lives today. For those seeking to learn more, Spiritbuilding Publishers is proud to introduce the Personal Study Series—a simplified yet profound exploration of the New Testament epistles, crafted with both the individual and study groups in mind.

A Bridge Between Scholarship and Personal Reflection

Rooted in the Quick Study Commentary Series, the Personal Study Series offers a scaled down version of its rich insights, foregoing the more technical discussions without compromising on depth or breadth. This series has been written by Chad Sychtysz, who has delved into these texts through years of personal study, teaching, and preaching. His approachable, practical commentary opens up the New Testament in ways that resonate with both newcomers and seasoned students of the Bible.

Navigating Complex Waters with Ease

What sets the Personal Study Series apart is its fearless approach to the more challenging and controversial aspects of the New Testament. Sychtysz presents a balanced exploration of different viewpoints, making the series a versatile tool for understanding complex theological issues. This thoughtful consideration ensures that readers gain a comprehensive understanding of the epistles, fostering a building appreciation for the nuance and richness of the biblical text.

Designed for Personal and Group Study

Whether you're going through the New Testament on your own, or journeying alongside fellow believers, the Personal Study Series is designed to support and enrich your exploration. Each section concludes with thought-provoking questions, making it ideal for sparking discussion in group settings or for personal contemplation. This interactive element encourages engagement with the material, allowing readers to apply the teachings to their lives in a meaningful way.

Your Companion for Spiritual Growth

At Spiritbuilding Publishers, we understand the value of having a reliable companion on your spiritual journey. The Personal Study Series is more than just a set of books; it's a pathway to deeper understanding, a tool for personal transformation, and a bridge to communal exploration of faith. This series offers a welcoming and insightful approach to the New Testament epistles.

Embark on your journey through the New Testament with the Personal Study Series and discover the impact of the biblical texts on your life and faith. Let the wisdom of the epistles guide you, inspire you, and challenge you to grow in your spiritual growth.


Find your path to deeper understanding and spiritual growth with the Personal Study Series, available now at Spiritbuilding Publishers. Join us in exploring the richness of the New Testament and discover how its teachings can illuminate your life today.

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