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Get the Gospel of Saving Grace as an Audio Book!

Get the Gospel of Saving Grace as an Audio Book!

Now available in downloadable mp3 audio files. Perfect to load into your smartphone, tablet, or desktop. Plug it in to your car stereo system and listen on the way to work, while you're out exercising, or just enjoying quiet time.
The Gospel of Saving Grace explains both sides of God’s fellowship with you. As important and essential as it is in the redemption of the human soul, “grace” is a subject worthy of your time and diligent study. Knowledge of God’s word contributes to spiritually-healthy believers, Christ-centered churches, and the heavenly influence of those who are indeed saved by grace
The Gospel of Saving Grace is designed to navigate the detailed subject of divine grace so that any person can understand what God has revealed about it in the Bible. This book has been designed to be a tool and a resource to that end: take full advantage of what it has to offer you!
16 chapters of audio with introduction and conclusion (18 files).
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