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Items available for Pre-Order!

Items available for Pre-Order!

Happy last week of February!

We have had a busy month here at Spiritbuilding. 

First, we are in the middle of our first two releases as the new Spiritbuilding. It feels good to get these new products out, one being John Guzzetta's Unsung Heroes, and the other Chad Sychtysz's 1 & 2 Peter. Both of these are on sale for 30% off through Sunday, March 1.  Each copy is only $6.99. 

Second, we have sold out of several ladies workbooks and are in the process of updating them with the new logo and updating page layouts. Two of our best-sellers have been Joyce Jamerson's Heading for Harvest: A Fruit of the Spirit Study and Jeanne Sullivan's Reveal in Me. Both are in the process of being reprinted and are available at a discounted pre-order price. (As soon as we receive these books back in inventory, the price will increase back to standard retail pricing.) 

Third, one of Matthew's new workbooks, Take Hold of Eternal Life, is about to exit the editing process and move into the layout phase. This workbook is a comprehensive study on 1 Timothy 6, examining the qualities of Christian living Paul outlines to the young evangelist. In this workbook, Matthew covers important topics like:

  • Defining righteousness and godliness
  • What it means to pursue faith, love, and steadfastness
  • How to fight the good fight of faith
  • How to take hold of eternal life

We're shooting for a mid-April release of this new bible study workbook.

Thanks again to all of you who are helping make Spiritbuilding what it is! We are indeed privileged to provide you with spiritual "equipment" for the journey of life!

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