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Wings Like Eagles: Reflections on Life in the Lord BUNDLE PACK

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Get both of David King's latest books for one low price! Save $5 from what you would pay normally! 

Volume 1:

The heroes and villains of the Old Testament were not that different from us. We owe it to ourselves to study their stories. 

The books of Genesis through Esther in the Old Testament tell the story of a special family that God used in executing His plan to save humanity. The history of this people with all their triumphs and failures, serves as a useful guide today for those who are struggling to find their own path through life. 

Volume 2:

This world is a jumbled mess, and we yearn for a source of practical wisdom to help us navigate safely through the chaos.

Five books of the Old Testament—Job through Song of Solomon—fill that need beautifully. This ancient library of philosophy speaks to the deepest longings of the human heart, helping us not only to better understand ourselves, but to recognize the steady hand of God amid all the mayhem that surrounds us.

Save $5 from what you would pay normally! 

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