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Ventu Coffee and Make Today Count Mug

SKU G-128

Ventu Gourmet Coffee is made from 100% arabica beans. Proceeds from the coffee go directly to the workers that handpick the beans year round. Ventu means "the house of the wind". The coffee farm is located in the mountains of Chinchina, Caldas in the village of Bajo Espanol in Colombia. Ventu comes in 1 full pound packages of whole bean or ground coffee! Ventu coffee has a floral sweet fragrance. The flavor can be described as bitter-fruity, with undertones of chocolate and caramel. 

Acidity: Citric

Body: Creamy

Roast: Medium

Available in whole bean or ground

The Make Today Count mug paired with your Ventu Coffee would make a great gift for anyone, including yourself! The mug is dishwasher and microwave safe! Add one of our books to complete your order!