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Special Moments With Daddy: Memoirs of a Single Dad with his Daughter

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It is a fact, that in 1991 it was unheard of in Florida for a father to win custody of his child or children, especially a five-year-old daughter, but that is exactly what happened in my family. God had blessed us during the trial by providing a judge who in his opening remarks told my mom and dad that he would do, to the best of his abilities, whatever was in the child’s best interest. This statement was our first glimmer of hope for my dad as prior to these remarks by the judge daddy had been told by everyone including his first attorney that in a custody battle it was going to be impossible for a father to win. 

This custody victory has served to remind daddy and me that God is in control, we must remain faithful, determined and persistent in our struggles.

Although this book does contain some poetry and prose, it is not a book of poetry. Instead, it is about the healthy, loving relationship of a divorced father who was blessed in winning custody of his young daughter and some of our life lessons.

What others are saying about Special Moments with Daddy:

“No one tells a story like Mark Garcia!  Speaking in the voice of his daughter…you will be uplifted and amazed.”

– Eric Seidel

Former Consumer Lawyer, FOX 13 Tampa


A must read to appreciate a special child-father relationship. An easy read yet thought provoking. I loved the opening of each chapter from different verses in the Bible. The poems were an added bonus. If you want to read something that makes you feel good, yet it has you thinking about your own life at the same time, this is the book! 

– Dr. Eva M. Ananiewicz


Mark Garcia and Amy (his daughter), embody what a father and daughter relationship should be about. Their relationship is founded on the cornerstone of faith and the bedrock of the Word. What I noticed through the years of knowing this godly pair, was how Amy would invite people over to their home to have devotionals. She would open up their doors to others for hospitality, to share in Christian kindness, find spiritual strength and blessing. The members of this family are gracious, friendly, and caring people. Mark has taught Amy the ways of their ultimate parent and role model, the Heavenly Father. No greater legacy can be had, then in passing on the legacy of faith.

– Joseph Sullivan


I have known many dads and daughters from across the country, as many have attended my father-daughter retreat that I started in 2008. Mark and Amy stand out in a big way. I know them both personally, and as I read this book, I was touched at many connections of things I know personally about them, and how they intersect with things I read in the book. Mark is absolutely the kind of person who has a servant's heart. He would do anything for you, and has even helped me in a very delicate situation. Amy is the same way. They both have a massive capacity to give to others, but especially to their family and loved ones.

 This book is a transparent look at the realities of life, love, and hard times, seen through the eyes of a daughter and a father who went beyond the extra mile to fight for his daughter. You will be touched, in many ways. But I guarantee you will be inspired. 

- Frederic Gray

Preacher, Seminole Church of Christ

Mark Garcia is a certified Human Resources professional who graduated with a Master’s degree from Tampa College. He is a decorated Air Force Veteran and he’s active in his community. His writings have been featured in poetry anthologies such as Frost At Midnight. 

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