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Save a Church from Dying: Ideas for Church Growth

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The Churches of Christ in the United States are in serious decline. It is one of the most urgent issues of our time. Where will we be in 20 years? 50 years? If the status quo prevails, many present congregations may no longer exist.

In many parts of the brotherhood, the silence is deafening. Warning bells need to be sounded. If no one knows about what is taking place, then the silence will remain. 

This book is written to disclose the statistics and detailed information on kingdom culture decline. As you read, you’ll see that there is still hope. We can use Bible based strategies to reverse the decline. In Save a Church from Dying Joseph Sullivan explores these strategies and presents some positive examples of presently growing churches. If enough churches act to apply Biblical based evangelism, the tide will turn.  


About the Author

Tampa, FL. He has been blessed to preach and do evangelism work in California and Florida. While in California, Joseph was trained in outreach by evangelist Royce Bell. There, Joseph preached to the poor communities of San Bernardino and worked with other evangelists from around the country. 

In his youth, he was inspired to get into outreach work through the examples of two preachers: Carl McMurray and Ricky Shanks. His greatest earthly role models are his parents, Bill and Jeanne Sullivan. He is blessed with two brothers, Jeremy (Wesley Chapel, FL), and Joshua (Mulvane, KS). Both brothers and their godly families have been an encouragement to Joseph in his work.

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