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Making It Work: Three Proven Techniques for Evangelism

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Are you looking to become better equipped in the work of evangelism?

 Are you interested in learning how to effectively share the gospel on your local college or university campus?

 What are some techniques you can develop to start up a conversation with someone you don’t know and direct it toward Jesus?

Does door knocking really work in the 21st century?

Joseph Sullivan has devoted thousands of hours and many years to the mission of saving souls. He has worked hard to find out what works and what does not. Making it Work: 3 Proven Techniques for Evangelism is a result of Joseph’s work, time, and record-keeping. Street evangelism, door knocking, and cold approach were found to be the most effective and are his personal favorites.

You can learn how to generate conversations and get interactions going. Get pointers on what it takes to set up a booth on a university campus. Read about personal stories of success. And discover what it takes to become more confident in the ways you reach out to the lost. Are you ready?


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