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Discovering God's Way Preschool 2:3 - Stories from Acts

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Discovering God's Way Preschool Year 2, Book 3
by Reynolds (edited by Harkrider)

The Discovering God's Way curriculum is designed around the idea that the key to understanding what God's word says to us is reading His word. Many of the books use only limited retelling of the account at hand, instead pointing students to the Bible and asking questions that will facilitate comprehension of what the text actually says, and thereby a realization of what God's way really is for them.

Lesson Titles:

  Part 1: The Beginning of Christ's Church

  • Lesson 1: A New Apostle is Chosen / The Day of Pentecost
  • Lesson 2: Healing a Lame Man / Peter and John in Prison
  • Lesson 3: God Wants Christians to Share / Ananias and Sapphira
  • Lesson 4: Steven / Philip and the Ethiopian
  • Lesson 5: Dorcas / Peter and the Angel
  • Lesson 6: Peter`s Vision / Cornelius

  Part 2: The Journeys of Paul

  • Lesson 7: Saul Obeys God / A New Man
  • Lesson 8: Paul`s Helpers: Barnabas, Mark, and Silas / Timothy
  • Lesson 9: Paul and Barnabas Heal a Crippled Man / A Woman Named Lydia
  • Lesson 10: Paul and Silas Meet a Slave Girl / The Philippian Jailer
  • Lesson 11: A Young Man Fell Out a Window / Paul Goes to Jerusalem
  • Lesson 12: Risen! - A Boy Saves His Uncle / Paul is Shipwrecked
  • Lesson 13: After the Shipwreck / Rome
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