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Discovering God's Way Nursery 1:3 Life of Jesus 1 Song CD

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Nursery - Life of Jesus Part 1 Song CD

This Song CD goes with the corresponding Song Sheets.

Song List:

  1. I Am So Glad You Came To Bible Class Today
  2. Put Your Hands Together
  3. Read Your Bible,
  4. Pray Every Day
  5. I Have A Little Bible
  6. My Bible
  7. B-I-B-L-E Spells Bible
  8. Be Kind To Your Bible
  9. Sixty-Six Number of Books in the Bible Old Testament Books New Testament Books
  10. Good Bye Song
  11. Good News
  12. Wise Men Came to See Jesus
  13. Jesus Was Twelve Years Old
  14. About My Father`s Business
  15. Baptism of Jesus Jesus Was In the Desert
  16. Peter, James, and John Went Fishin`
  17. Fishers of Men
  18. Jesus Turned the Water to Wine
  19. Name the Apostles
  20. The Beatitudes-- ``Blessed Are...``
  21. Let Your Light Shine Before Men
  22. Love Your Neighbors and Enemies Through the Roof `
  23. `Peace Be Still``
  24. Jairus` Daughter
  25. Five Loaves and Two Fish
  26. Jesus Walked On the Water Peter
  27. Peter Mount of Transfiguration
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