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Discovering God's Way Nursery 1:1 Creation-Judges Song Sheets

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The melody for the songs on the song sheets can be found on the corresponding Song CD.

Song List:

  1. I Am So Glad You Came To Bible Class Today
  2. Put Your Hands Together
  3. Read Your Bible, Pray Every Day
  4. I Have A Little Bible 
  5. My Bible
  6. B-I-B-L-E Spells Bible
  7. Be Kind To Your Bible
  8. Sixty-Six
  9. Number of Books in the Bible
  10. Old Testament Books
  11. New Testament Books
  12. Good Bye Song
  13. Days of Creation
  14. God Made the Sun to Shine Bright
  15. Adam Lived in Paradise
  16. Cain and Abel
  17. Ark of Gopher Woof
  18. God Keeps His Promises
  19. Abram, Abram Won't You Tell Us
  20. Do You Have Faith Like Abraham?
  21. God Promised Abram
  22. Jacob and Esau
  23. Jacob Had a Dream
  24. I Can Name the Sons of Jacob
  25. Joseph, Joseph
  26. Baby Moses
  27. The Ten Plagues
  28. When the Hebrews Came to the Red Sea
  29. God Led His People
  30. Ten Commandments Rhyming Song
  31. 12 Spies Went Into Canaan
  32. Joshua and Caleb
  33. Joshua
  34. Jericho
  35. The Judges
  36. Gideon and 300 Men
  37. Samson
  38. Samson was a Nazirite

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